Logan Turns 3!

I’m not sure when, or how?! But my little tiny baby, my baby forever, my forever baby, … my Logi Bear is already three years old!

My oh my where does the the time go?! The last time I gave an update as to his status, Logan had just turned one!



Over the course of the last two years, Logan has literally driven me to the brink of insanity and back. I knew all about the terrible two’s and terrorist three’s due to Evan’s severe havoc wreaking skills. However, NOTHING, can prepare you for the tornado/hurricane/tsunami that is Logan. This kid can destroy your house and turn everything literally upside down within the two minutes you thought you were going to get the dishes done. Or, that stack of laundry you’ve been working on? So neatly folded and freshly washed? He’s the Godzilla to that laundry, and in five minutes its covered in Cooper hair from the floor (which I literally cannot make disappear no matter how much I vacuum!).

He is a bad baby.

A bad naughty baby that drives me absolutely b a n a n a s !

But, that’s just it. He’s no longer a baby, and I keep on forgetting that.

He’s full blow toddler soon to be pre-schooler.

Yes, that’s right.

My Logi Bear will be entering the public school system for the ’21 – ’22 school year.

My little baby … Logi is all grown up.

But as he continues to grow I only continue to become prouder of him. That “bad baby destruction” not so bad considering I thought these were things we would never be able to do. The fact that he has the skills and coordination to cause such destruction is very impressive to begin with. And that’s just it… he impresses everyone with his skills. He is extremely smart and observant. For instance, good ol’ loving big brother Logan, saw me feeding little baby bro Ian just one time. And now? He can practically do it himself! He is also extremely resourceful at laundry, throwing away trash, entertaining his baby bro, as well as burping, bathing, and dressing him. {Of course all this with immense amount of help… but he’s determined to learn. } That’s what I see in him all the time. Determination to defeat any obstacle put in his path. Determination to learn to do as much as he can on his onw, independently.

He’s determined to go far. So he will.

Our therapy schedule has completely changed due to this new adventure we’ll be embarking on.
  • We now do Physical Therapy 2x a week for 30 minute sessions
  • We continue to do Occupational Therapy 3x a week for 30 minutes sessions
  • We now Speech Therapy 2x a week for 30 minute sessions
  • We have also started Feeding Therapy again 2x a week for 30 minute sessions
  • Starting in August, during the school week, Logan will also receive 1 hour of group Speech Therapy with his qualifying classmates
Currently Logan has learned to:
  • Hold and draw with a crayon
  • Match puzzle pieces to their correct spot on the puzzle
  • Walk, run, and skip with ease (also while wearing shoes!)
  • He is currently mastering how to jump, ride a tricycle, and cut with scissors
  • We can climb the stairs unassisted (down is another story!)
  • We can eat and chew all kinds of foods (and he is in no way a picky eater!)

Really the only area Logan shows a delay is his speech capabilities, as he is still completely nonverbal. This was a worry of mine starting the public school system, as only those closest to him can really understand his nonverbal cues and gestures. I am teaching him to communicate through sign language, and he has mastered several signs such as: “give me, food, water, all done, and more”. He is also very good at using different tones to convey how he is feeling and his emotions. But these are things that I as his mother, or also his father, might be able to understand because we communicate with him daily.

How will he he communicate with his classmates or peers?

It’s something I worry about almost incessantly. Something that I think, “will I ever hear him speak?” which, I know realistically I will. However, right now at this moment, I am desperate for any words to come from his mouth. I am desperate to hear him tell me he loves me or simply to say the word “mom”.

But as with him, and everything he learns to do… he’s taking his time, and taking the scenic route on this way to this milestone.

In the blink of an eye, my baby turned three, became a big brother, and is starting school.

Where does the time go?!


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